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​See some examples of my most recent projects! Everything from brand identity to exhibits. Maybe something will inspire you!

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I love design! I love everything about it - graphics, icons,  logos, illustrations, collateral, web, application architecture, online banners, presentations, 
​and exhibits.


I have been working online since the Internet became open to the public in the 1980s. Now the ability to create websites, portals, and web applications 
is unbelievable.


We've moved in the age of the smart device. We can't live without our phones or tablets. So I decided to join in and create some mobile applications. Exciting!


We used to call it communi-cation. Now we call it social media and it connects us in ways we never thought possible. I love marketing on social media networks and exploring email.

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how i do what i do

It takes a lot of software and a fair amount of expertise to create all the projects that I have created. These are some of the applications I use to get the job done.

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